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Don’t let your hearts Stay troubled…

Time with Children, Sunday, May 10, 2020, by Pastor Todd

I wonder if anyone in this Zoom has ever experienced their hearts being troubled. What do you think that means? For your heart to be … troubled?

[Invite a moment to share.]

Maybe our hearts are troubled because we couldn’t go back to school. Or because our graduation ceremony isn’t going to happen in the way we’d always imagined.

Maybe our hearts are troubled because we’re worried about our grandparents being alone.  Or because we fear getting sick or someone we love getting sick.

Maybe having to wear masks or hearing grown-ups talk about the news troubles our hearts.

The part of the Bible that Mary-Marie read for us this morning happens before Easter, back before Jesus died. Do you remember the time when Jesus was gathered with his friends for a meal—that time he washed their feet and told them about the bread and the wine?

So after that happened, Jesus was talking with his friends, his followers. There in that room, they had some difficult conversations, especially Judas and Peter. Jesus began to explain to them what was going to happen to him. That ultimately he would be leaving them.

This news “troubled their hearts.”

Made them feel sad, afraid, anxious.

They began to worry about what was going to happen next, what might happen to them.

And do you know what I think?
Jesus knew this.

Because Jesus was human just like us, he knows that everyone feels sad, afraid, anxious, or worried sometimes.

And he didn’t want his friends to feel bad for how they were feeling.

But Jesus didn’t want them to stay feeling bad.

He wanted them to know that even if they were feeling those feelings, they could think of him, and how much he loved and would always love them.

That they could remember how much God loved them as a way to start feeling better feelings, to have less trouble in their hearts.

To our young friends, and to our friends who are young at heart:

It’s ok to feel what you are feeling right now.

It’s ok to say it, to name it, to talk about it with someone we trust.

But when your heart is troubled, try to remember that God loves you, that Jesus promises to be with you.

And maybe, close your eyes and imagine Jesus saying to you,

I understand how you are feeling.
But don’t let your hearts stay troubled.
Believe in God. Believe also in me—that I am always with you.

Let’s pray together…

Dear God,
Thank you for this day.
Thank you for Jesus.
Help us remember,
when our hearts are troubled,
that you love us and,
that Jesus has promised to be with us.
Help us remember we are not alone.
In Jesus’ name we pray,

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