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Sister Parish


Sister Parish Virtual Delegation

Danville Congregational Church and
the Catholic Community of San Antonio, Cunen

November 11-17, 2021


For more information about the Sister Parish ministry at DCC, contact Trish Moosbrugger, Bill Williams and Bette Felton .


Delegation devotional

A day-by-day devotional guide sharing music, reflection and prayer for this week of the virtual delegation with San Antonio.

Virtual Delegation Updates

We started off our Sister Parish Virtual Delegation week with a wonderful service this past weekend.  The people watching in San Antonio were so grateful for the opportunity to connect.

Pedro: “Thank you, the service was beautiful.”

Pancha: “Please tell everyone thank you for thinking of us.  We are sad you cannot visit right now, as you have in the past. We have so much fun with you, playing with the kids, and in our activities. We miss you.  Thank you for this mass.”

Diego: “Thank you so much for putting our photos on the altar. Blessings to you all…What a beautiful hymn in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Julia: “We are so happy to see you again from a distance. Greetings to all. We hope to see you again here in San Antonio soon.”

Leslie: “Blessings brothers and sisters. Thank you for this beautiful service. Greetings from San Antonio.”

Yoselin: “Hello to all in Danville. Sending hugs. It is such a joy to see you all from a distance virtually. Beautiful hymns. We hope to see you here in Guatemala again soon.”

Schedule of Events 

Sunday, November 21 – Live call with friends in San Antonio


  • Live call with San Antonio – Please join us in the Peace Room after the service.

Upcoming in December

  • TBD Livestream of an event in San Antonio. More details coming soon.


Click to view Sister Parish Virtual Delegation Resources, including coloring sheets for young children and suggested reading for all ages.


DCC and San Antonio share music, cultural traditions, and more in this video exchange