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A Back-to-School Blessing for 2020

This prayer was adapted by the Prayer of St. Francis by DCC member Jenn O’Neal and prayed over everyone involved in returning to virtual school, Sunday, August 9, 2019.

Congregation prays:

As your church, we will lovingly support you through our prayers and active encouragement. We stand by you as you enter into this unique — and sometimes overwhelming — school year. We hope more than anything that you will be graced by the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Creator, Mother Father God, as I begin this unique school year please help me remember the following:

When I am frustrated, please give me patience

When I feel joy, let me shout out the good news

When I feel lonely, please help me seek out connection

When I am confused, please give me guidance

When the internet goes down, please help me find chocolate

When I am stuck, please help me think outside the box

When I am all done with my work for the day, please help me rest my mind, body and spirit and help me do it all over again tomorrow.


Oração Pelos Jovens (Prayer for Young People)

The Pastoral Prayer for Sunday, May 17, included the Prayer for Young People by Luiz Carlos Ramos, translated by Paulo Gustavo França.

God, we thank you
for the young people we have now and for the young people we once were;
for the youth we see now and for youth we once had;
for the young [people] in our midst and for the young [person] that still lives within each of us.

We thank you
for the ongoing transformation of the world the youth foster
and for the constant transformation you cause in the life of each youth.

God who makes all things new,
keep these young people from conforming to this present age;
that they may not be formed by the media, by today’s trends or bad habits;
but that they may be transformed by the renewing of the mind
and by the gift of their bodies as a living offering, holy and pleasing to you.

That these young men and women may not be merely happy, but joyful;
that they may not be only healthy, but mindful;
that they may not be just strong, but open-minded;
that they may not be only intelligent, but that they may become wise;
that they may not be youthful in their look, but in their essence;
in a word, that they may not be the child of this present culture,
but [children] of the Living God,
so they may embody the Love,
work for Peace,
and may practice Justice.

We pray
in the name of Jesus Christ,
the young person who not only revolutionized the world with his ideas, but also saved humankind with his love.


Photo by Nooralbdeen Ahmad

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